WIS (Weizmann Institute of Science) – Rehovot, Israel:

Systems Immunology and in-vitro models with focus on T-cells

HZI/BRICS (Helmholtz Center for …) Braunschweig, Germany:

Multiscale modeling of macrophage metabolism and fibrosis

Advanced Digital Pathology & Image analysis/transplantation medicine

The Computational Pathology Group of Radboudumc focuses on the development of Deep Learning algorithms to aid pathologists in the assessment of histopathological slides and to answer clinical questions in the field of Pathology . The history of the group reaches back to the early 1980s, while the current group has been active since 2013. We have a strong translational focus, owing to our strong embedding in a clinical environment. We have a leading position in our research field, witnessed for instance by the highly successful CAMELYON16 and CAMELYON17 grand challenges which we organized and by our active role in committees and conference organization (e.g. the Computational Pathology Symposium, held in conjunction with the European Congress of Pathology).

IH (Istituto Humanitas) Milano, Italy:

In-vitro modeling and biology of  alternatively activated macrophages

IRIMAS – Research Institute in Computer Sciences, Mathematics, Automation and Signal, Mulhouse, France

The IRIMAS institute results from the merger, on 1. January 2018, of the LMIA laboratory (Laboratory of Mathematics, Information Technology and Applications) and the MIPS laboratory (Modelling, Intelligence, Processes and Systems) from University of Haute Alsace. It brings together all the research at UHA in mathematics, information technology, automation, and signal and image processing.

The institute is organised into three departments: Mathematics, Information Technology and Automation-Signal-Image. It has 75 permanent research professors, about 60 doctoral students, a dozen post-docs and 5 engineers/assistant engineers, with a very active academic exchange activity (more than 80 research fellowships every year: traineeships, scientific visitors, guest researchers).

Its research activities cover a broad spectrum, from fundamental to applied research. The IRIMAS collaborations occur at local (UHA laboratories) and regional levels (Franco-German Institute at St Louis, University of Strasbourg), as well as at national and international levels, with a particular focus on the Upper Rhine region, via Eucor-the European campus, federation of the 5 Upper Rhine universities.

The IRIMAS teams also have a large experience in valorisation and transfer of technology, with companies ranging from local SMEs to multinational groups, through advisory activities, transfer agreements, numerous industrial theses, as well as through the establishment or support of start-ups, principally in the fields of automation and mechanics, information technology, and signal and image processing.

 ICube (Engineering science, computer science and imaging laboratory), Strasbourg, France

Knowledge-based image analysis adopted from remote-sensing technology

MHH (Hannover Medical School) Hannover, Germany:

Transplantation medicine & immunologydigital pathology & image analysis